Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The last couple of days and the dreaded common cold

This is what is on my table right now. It's a bag sample for my class I am teaching at New England Felting Supply in a few (couple?) weeks. It's a "girly bag" with loops and bows and a resist insert, if I am brave. I had intended on finishing it today, but my stuffy nose and itchy eyes would have none of that. I did get the loops and ties mostly done and the handles measured out and started, but will have to get at it bright and early tomorrow.

This is "BGB" (before girly bag). A clean slate. Ready to begin. I love this.

This was my "OMG, I have one day to make fabric to upholster something that it going to be on the Discovery channel piece". This is a bit of a long story (a years and years long story, to be precise) Carolyn Butts, of Bon Eco Gallery (check out their site-great stuff) and I have been discussing working together for years and she has developed some amazing things. I have finally got my shit together and we are going to make some things happen. She and her partner came and saw my show and mentioned one of their high-end products will be featured on the Discovery Channel. Well, what eco friendly product would be complete without a local wool, made my local artist fabric for that said product? I am not in love with my design, but there will be more to come...

This is the beginning layout. The 45 inch starting width just fit on my table. This is local icelandic/romney and it made a fabulous upholstery fabric!
Well, my nose and throat are ablaze and need extinguishing with tea or ice cream. Perhaps both or, better yet a hot toddy,...j-nite all!

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Lindsey said...

That's so cool - the Discovery Channel. Do you know details - dates, etc? And is that a stool?

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, having a cold makes a person fell SO MISERABLE!!Hope you get better soon.

Andrea Graham-Artist said...

It will actually be a subwoofer made from a recycled tire.

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time to relax
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