Tuesday, March 23, 2010

An image from this morning...

I had mentioned a collaboration in the making. This morning, I met with filmmaker, Lenny Epstein
and photographer (image above), Tracy Olan to film and document one of the stages of this collaboration. This piece speaks to our human ability to view difficult things in a way that allows us to cope, to only hear, read, or understand the things that challenge us in a way we can distill and process. This may come in the form of denial or creating our own truth.
An event in my past left me with a letter that is full of more questions than answers. I create my own story, make judgements, excuses, fill in the blanks to cope with an event that can never make sense. In this piece, a film of someone writing a letter will be projected through and on felted panels of varied transparency. Sound artist, Matt Rogalsky will record the letter being read and distorted and the sound of the pen on paper. Not sure what the completed piece will become, but I hope the concept is translated and will leave the viewer considering the "truths" they create for themselves and why they do so.
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time to relax

time to relax
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