Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Soooo close, but not quite.

Subject line: "Your work impounded by Italian customs"

Hmm, not so nice to receive in your in-box. I am pretty disappointed that my piece encountered difficulty, despite my ample labeling. I did jolt awake the morning after it was sent with regrets on the value I had given the package. I forgot the "under $500 rule". I am sure this is not an actual rule, but something I had been told long ago and have followed without incident. With the shipping being outrageous and being in a rush, I tacked on a bit and should not have. So...where does this put me? Another 100 euros in the hole is where it puts me! I personally prefer to be paid to exhibit, not be out of pocket (imagine that :o)). The cost of doing business, I suppose. My work had arrived the first day the Museum is taking the exhibtion work and I will be very curious to know if anyone else from other countries has difficulty! This is a very important international felt exhibtion. I hope it is smooth sailing from here!

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Ginga Squid said...

Bummer. Was that because you needed to pay customs duty as it was valued above the threshold for entering Italy?

I've lived in many different countries and each has their own different importation/customs thresholds.

Here in NZ it is NZ$399 (to include the shipping charge)- so funnily enogh about US$500. But you also would need to take into account US$ currency fluctuations.

But for example, in Indonesia the threshold can be as low as $50.

dorie said...

Have to sent my work this week - don't know if there will be any problems. I only that with a limit of €500,00 there will be no extra costs for insurance. But if this limit will works with the customs, I'll have to check. You're right spending that much money hurts...

Eva Basile said...

It's related to the declared value. In the Climate is Changing exhibit we had problems with 5 pieces, two from Australia, two from Canada, one from the US.
The rest was fine (there were many intercontinental works.)
I remember that Lesley Bossine had written all artists to be careful with the shipping and declaration.
Customs have been a great concern. In Italy, because of what had happened during the war and the amount of art works that have been taken by nazis and other invaders, there are many restrictions.

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