Saturday, March 13, 2010

King Tut

Okay, are you singing the "King Tut" song in your head? I find it almost impossible to just say "King Tut" without deepening my voice on the "Tut" part.

I am headed to Toronto today, delivering scarves and, Yes, I can't believe I am going to see King Tut (voice lowered on "Tut", yet again) As a child in the 70's, I recall Tut touring Canada and all the hoopla, never dreaming that I would, in my lifetime, get to see him. I think the story of the discovery of Tut to me as a child felt like fantasy came to life. I love that we now know so much more about the boy king with modern science and that I will see him with my own boys, who are not much younger than this celebrated and still mysterious figure and icon was when he ruled.

It just occured to me (duh!) this morning that this trip may provide lots of inspiration as I am preparing to make some samples. I am also looking forward to showing my boys some of my favorite Group os Seven work in person! It's going to be a great day!

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Anonymous said...

Casson's 'White Pine' and 'Red Maple' by Jackson make me homesick. The Group of Seven really capture the canadian landscape.. and anyone who has been to Canada will immediately be brought right back when seeing these great paintings.
Have fun with Tut! I saw him when I was a kid in Canada over 30 years ago.. really quite breathtaking.

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