Sunday, March 14, 2010

"Little" Project

Collar and cuffs layout in progress. cuffs have 2 sides and were felted around a resist.
In the felting process- one with resist cut out-other intact.
Well, the "little project" that I was going to start my day with ended up taking much of my day. Not sure why. I will, however, blame it on the time change. I am part of a collaboration group with 15 artists that include a dear friend and talented knitter, Carolyn. I have taught her how to make felt and she has been adding felted cuf and collars to her knitwear. I made her a set of bell sleeve shaped cuffs and a collar. The collar may be too small (time change, ya' know), but she can cut it up and use it as a pocket, if she likes.

I finally got around to laying out a bag sample for my class in April. It took me a couple of hours to make the strap and the bag right now looks like the dogs breakfast, but I have a plan. It's a bit brown right now and kinda wild. I was going to wet it out tonight until I realized it was a hour later than my studio clock told me it was. I almost feel like I could do and all-nighter in the studio, but know I will regret it tomorrow! I will wake with anticipation knowing I will finish the bag tomorrow! I will post pictures when it is less brown and dogs-breakfast-like! Ha, ironically, I have been calling it the "bark bag", for entirely different reasons.

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Unknown said...

That collaboration project is very cool! Years ago I saw sweaters trimmed with Chinese brocade collars, cuffs, yokes, etc and thought they were amazing. This is even better. Would love to see some pics of the finished sweaters. Andrea, I can't imagine anything you do looking like a dog's breakfast. (I thought only us Maritimers used that term.)

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