Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The fun that lies ahead...

Oh! The silk has arrived and I want to drop everything and make some collage scarves!! I have a "pod bag" on the table in the making and will post an image later along with the "girly bag" that I finished and is now dry. Once I complete the pod bag, I will lay out some delicious scarves to take with me to New England Felting supply. I ordered some prints I had not ordered before not being certain the weight of the fabric and I am excited to design them. I am certinly not short of projects and need to consult my list before I get ahead of myself. Lucky for me "scarves" are on the list! Must run...more later!

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luciebeebee said...

Hi Andrea,

I love these silk fabrics: where did you buy them?

Andrea Graham-Artist said...

Thai Silks- California. You have to dig around on the site and you will find lots of goodies!

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time to relax
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