Friday, June 12, 2009


Ahh, the evening routine...I cook dinner, eldest washes, middle drys, youngest puts away...and all of them argue, non-stop, as to who is doing what incorrectly. Makes me crazy(er). I sit and hold my tongue and remind myself that working it out is an important life lesson. Ironically, I am sipping a local wine called "Sibling Rivalry". It has a picture of three boys on the label. Clearly created by a vintner that understands my plight, not to mention the need for red wine when you have three boys.

I did not make it to the studio today, but I am considering heading there right now! I must work on pieces for my exhibition in Colorado with Jorie Johnson, Gail Perrone and a few other extraordinary feltmakers. How did I get invited to this one? Well, the stars must have been in line, I am telling you! I am truly privileged. Tomorrow a feltmaker from Haliburton, Faye Wilkinson will be in town and we are meeting up briefly after her keynote speak and before she heads back to the studio. I will then head to a nearby art event to say howdy to dear friends and artists, Jane Thelwell and Lindsey Fair and others at Art Among the Ruins. Busy day.... But, wow, life is good!
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time to relax
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