Thursday, June 11, 2009

Repair man blues...

Oh repair man, repair man, where are you?? I don't know what people with real jobs do. Spending hours waiting in vain for the elusive man with the plumbers crack and toolbox. The person on the phone was kind enough to give me an 8 hour window in which he may arrive. I know all the Sears repairs men by name. I believe I am waiting for "Art" today (how's that for irony!) He was on vacation last week. Family in the Ottawa Valley (Okay I am kidding- I don't know where he went for vacation) The problem was diagnosed 2 weeks ago...tricky one to figure...a broken handle. Arriving with the right part was just too much to hope for. So, I continue to wait...

I did get my desk cleaned off and the desk cupboards organized. My eldest will be impressed. I could hear him cleaning last night at 11:00. This is how I know I have been neglecting housework!
This evening I hope to get in the studio and continue the piece I am working on. HEY, if you are a feltmaker, You MUST go to the Felt United site and join the party on the first International day of Felt. Please participate and let them (Cynthia and Elis) know what you are going to do. Go to "happenings" page to see what is planned near you. Don't see anything? Start something!!!

Okay, Art, my friendly repairman, fixed the handle to the dryer in about 3.7 minutes (about) and then I asked him to have a look inside the washer under the drum. "I think one of the boys left a marble in his pocket, little scamps, careless boys, ya' know". Art took a look and called me in to take a peek...$16.53 in coin...I kid you not. I couldn't blame that one on the kids. Thank goodness for those outrageously expensive warrantees.

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time to relax
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