Sunday, June 14, 2009

The REAL life of an artist...

Long days in the studio reflecting, sketching and felting...calls from galleries and publishers...patrons sending cheques with commission requests? Don't we wish. Every single exhibition, book opportunity, teaching gig, award, and every other opportunity that presents itself comes from lots of hard work that takes place not in the studio, but in front of the computer etc. This is done by updating websites, cv's, and statements, watching the bank account dwindle, then...attending events, passing out cards, promoting ones self shamelessly, even when our confidence is low (like, uuuh, most of the time). We complete proposals and on-line entries, photograph our work, schlep from place to place to teach, perform, entertain, don our fishnets (forget I said that) ....then, "Oh, crap", we better make some Art (some we can actually sell *novel idea* and some that feeds us creatively) We then reach deep within our murky melancholic artist soul to produce something fabulous to support all the groundwork we have laid. There is also switching gears to motherhood, business owner, head chef, teacher, student. Next time someone asks "How long did this piece take to make?", smile (broadly)..good..., try it without clenching. You can do it! I wouldn't trade it...all worth it to do what I love.
I have just completed three packages to send out to two galleries and one museum that I am hoping will consider my work for exhibition. Two of them I am hoping for solo shows to take place in the same year and the same body of work would likely travel from one to the other. Once (this is me thinking positively)I get dates booked, I will apply for an exhibition grant, or rather, I will ask fabulous grant writer, Lindsey Fair, to write my grant. I have a juried exhibition to enter "Frayed Around the Edges"...the entry is due tomorrow and I haven't completed it yet, but think I will today and send it electronically. Will I make it to the studio before tomorrow??? Wouldn't that be nice!


Ginga Squid said...

Oooh I'm sending lots of positive vibes your way!

BTW I love those PR photos of your work that you have in that shot. Very, very professional - do you take those photos yourself?

Kim Buchheit said...

oh, andrea... your work is so very lovely! i just started working with wool a few years ago — and, like you, am inspired by nature to create organic sculpture with it. however, after viewing your work this morning, i realized how i have not even begun to explore this medium! your pieces leave me a little breathless.
~ kim

Andrea Graham-Artist said...

Yes, I do all my own photography and feel it is an extension of my art. I am never satisfied with photos taken by others of my work! I am also particular as to how it hangs and am notorious for repositioning my work when I arrive at an exhibition. I try not to offend the curator and usually check with them first! I use polar fleece for photo back grounds. No reflections and no wrinkles! Indirect lighting shows the dimension.

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