Monday, June 8, 2009


This was our view on the way home. They have repainted the stripe on the water tower. It was bright blue and now it matches the sky and looked like someone cut the top off and it has levitated! They also did a sloppy can see the drips. Guess it can't be too much fun painting from a cherry picker. "Hey, a job for ya"! ...No thanks!

Today I spent the morning helping to mount the grade 8 art project at Welborne Ave. Public School in the courtyard windows. I will post an image tomorrow of the completed project. It looks fabulous! I then spent the afternoon on the phone with fellow fibre artist, Tina Barnes. I have this great headset that I can talk and listen while I work in the it. Talk radio this aft on CBC was a little boring and Tina and I are never short on conversation topics! I was felting away making ropes for my latest "Adaptions 2" piece. Not sure what it will look like finished. less surface design on this one, more about the form. I will be sending this to Colorado with "Adaptations" and "Specimens". Loving my studio time. I am at an all day stitching day and meeting for the Kingston Fibre Artists tomorrow...get to hang with my peeps!
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time to relax
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