Monday, June 15, 2009

Ka-Ching...Entry sent to Korea

This is the Postal truck leaving my little village of Odessa with my entry for the Cheongju Biennale! I think it should make it. I'm actually looking at the picture and wondering where the driver is, Hmmm. Okay...I have been trying to complete my entry on-line and would have been just fine if only I could read pop-up's in Korean. It would not even let me cut and paste in a translator! I was left feeling completely inept. I decided they only way my entry would make it to the grand Republic of Korea is if I mailed it and I had to do it fast as the deadline is next Monday. I could have played around another day and waited for a reply from Korea hoping I communicated my problem effectively, but then it would be too late to mail. So, to the post office! $70 (yikes!) and miles of paperwork later, my 2 sheets of paper and a disc of images are on the way!

Stage two of the jury process is sending the work. I will have to worry about that when the time comes! Sending art internationally can be an incredible headache. In North America, I basically send it in a box regular Canada post and cross my fingers! Less information is more!

Proposals have been sent out and my book is marked to phone and follow up in a week. Back to work! For those keeping track it has been 7 days since I have felted. See previous post regarding how professional artists really spend their time...

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Jasmine said...

What an amazing post truck. I hope your project goes well in Korea.

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