Thursday, June 18, 2009

Visitor from Holland

While in Hollland for the 2008 IFA conference I spent some time with my lovely Aunt Suzie and also met up with some relations in Amersfoort that I had never met, Case and his wife and Richia. Since that time, Richia has been in touch with my Dad and is now here for a visit! So wonderful! I hope they come for coffee this morning.

Today I am going to work on the piece I began felting a week and a half ago and wait for my dear, beautiful and brilliant friend, Tracy, to come for lunch on her way through town. My Cheongju entry is being tracked and went from rural Ontario-Toronto-Memphis-Anchorage-Korea. It has cleared customs so hope it will be delivered tomorrow or Monday at the latest to make the deadline. I have no idea which work they are looking for and will be anxious to hear if I am in. I must admit, I will be disappointed if I am not! Send positive thoughts, please!
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Shalana, the funky felter said...

I love to read about all your feltmaking endeavors and travels. Thanks so much for sharing! You are an inspiration :)

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time to relax
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