Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Great day in Toronto

Hey, check it! Carolyn (she's so darn tech savy) told me how to add an image for each post. This is much better as I like lots of pictures, Don't you? I had a great day in Toronto yesterday. I spent 2 hours nosing around the AGO checking out the Group of Seven (my fave is Lawren Harris), Picasso. Matisse, Magritte and Dali and lots of fabulous other stuff. I then had coffee (Peppermint green tea, actually) with a friend I had not seen in 30 years. Oh, I know you are thinking, "How can that be? Andrea is way too youthful for this to be possible!". Well, it is. Tracy and I were 10 when we parted ways and I only recently found out how close she now lives. What fun. Then I grabbed a cab to the trendy Gladstone Hotel for the Ontario Crafts Council for the AGM and awards. I was welcomed as a new board member and Carolyn and I both received awards. She is going to use hers to learn how to felt...from ME. That's what I can a win/win! The opening for our exhibition followed and we have a tentative booking for 2011 for our Women's work exhibit and I made some great contacts with some exciting things coming up that I will keep you posted. I am actually full of anxiety over the time I will be away from the boys this summer. I have made a vow not to scehedule anything next summer except studio time. There, I feel better (okay...I don't, but I will have to work on that!)
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time to relax
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