Monday, March 8, 2010


Chris and I...I still can't believe she and her husband came to surprise me...sneaky, sneaky!

My dear friend, Tracy, me and Chris White (another dear friend! I'm so lucky!)

Mike, me and my middle kiddo.
After my opening Chris and Mike hung out with me and my family at my house for a while. The next day, I had to "work" (in quotes as working with other artists is not work!). I slipped out a bit early to have coffee with Chris and Mike and hang out until we met some friends for dinner. When I got home, I realized I had forgot about another opening with the Kingston Fibre Artists! My piece and all their glorious work was hanging within walking distance and the opening reception in full swing...and I friggin forgot!
I felt like I was in an altered state yesterday with Chris and Mike here and an all emersive art experience at Kollaboration Kingston. The energy in that room was incredible. I may not have expanded on the event as I have been focused on my opening, but 17 artists met and we were put through some exercises by our facilitator, Lindsey with the goal for a true community was one of events you can't really describe. I forgot I was in Kingston and felt like I was part of some big artistic Thing. I can't even define it right now, but I can see my next year unfolding. The path is being laid with some things that will come from my opening, teaching and collaboration from the event and outside of the event...How I will mold this all and where it will go has put me in complete overload today.
Life resumes as the kids needed lunches made and wisked off to school, grocery shopping today felt surreal as I floated through the aisles, my mind on another planet, food mysteriously appearing in my cart. I have a commission and classes to prepare for. All this stuff continues. I must sit and quiet my brain and my churning tummy and regain my footing....Stay tuned!

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Unknown said...

Just wanted to congratulate you once again on your wonderful exhibition. No matter how good the photos on your site are, seeing it all ‘live’ is a totally different experience. I loved the way you placed your work: with such variety of sizes and palette from naturals to bright colors no piece was overpowered but highlighted by its neighbors. You work is beautiful and the quality of your felt is just unbelievable!
When is the next one? :-)

Andrea Graham-Artist said...

Thank you Olga. I cannot take credit for the hanging. The curator did do a wonderful job. I does help that the body of work came together in such a cohesive manner. Thanks again!

red-handed said...

It's always nice to see good local work!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your exhibition - I wish I was close enough to come and see it!

time to relax

time to relax
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